Introducing the RefLaw Primer Series

March 18, 2021
RefLaw Team

Over the next few months, RefLaw will be spotlighting a new blog series designed to introduce refugee law to a lay-audience and make this complicated, fascinating area of international law accessible to non-lawyers. These Refugee Law Primers will walk our readers through each element of the definition of “refugee,” as well as common questions and themes in international refugee law and scholarship.

Our first piece will discuss the “alienage” requirement. Our Primer on Alienage is published alongside Emily Harris’ Note “Replacing a Good Faith Approach with a Well-Founded Fear Approach,” which discusses the different approaches that courts have taken toward assessing claims from refugees sur place, a category of refugees whose claim to protection arises after they have left their country of origin.

We hope that by publishing the Primers alongside our academic Notes, we can also make the Notes more accessible to our readers, allowing them to engage more deeply with the scholarship we publish.


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