Hugo Storey

Author: Hugo Storey

Hugo Storey is an Upper Tribunal Judge (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) (formerly Senior Immigration Judge of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal) in the United Kingdom. He is currently a member of the Chamber’s executive committee and also its reporting committee. He has sat on a number of the Tribunal’s main country guidance cases (e.g. on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia) and also acts as co-ordinator of the Tribunal’s country guidance work. He was formerly a law academic, and later an Honorary Research Fellow, at the University of Leeds. In an academic capacity he has published widely on human rights, refugee, international law and European law issues. His recent publications include an article in Refugee Studies Quarterly 2012 devoted to the topic of asylum law and armed conflict (“the “war-flaw”) and two which set out a working definition of persecution. He is one of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges’ (IARLJ’s) founding members and is currently a member of its Council, chair of its Publications Committee, and is the current President of the IARLJ’s European Chapter. He was one of the experts utilised by the European Commission when drafting the Refugee Qualification Directive (/2004/83/EC) and, more recently, its “recast”. He has been active in the training of judges doing asylum and immigration work inside and outside the UK and is currently working to commence a 3 year project between IARLJ-Europe and the European Asylum Support Office to develop core judicial training materials on asylum law in the 28 Member States.